Hiring a Tree Service: Dos and Donts

Trees… Ah, what a beauty they are! It’s amazing how one giant can have such an impact on the landscape around it. Even just one tree can be the difference between plain and beauty. But sometimes these gentle giants can turn into hazards, and can be very dangerous. Gigantic branches die and fall without warning; Roots rot and suddenly the whole tree’s unstable; Foliage overgrows and engulfs power lines.

At this point, the only thing that can neutralize the threat is by hiring tree services. But before you do, here are four simple DO’s and DON’Ts to keep in mind.

DO know what kind of tree service you want

“Tree Service” is a general term. Maybe your tree is growing too much foliage and needs a bit of a trim. How are those branches holding up? You might want to take off a few dead branches there to make way for the smaller ones. Maybe your tree’s looking too closely to your house and is in dire need of a relocation? Or maybe you just want to remove your tree entirely. Whatever service you want, it’s important to know beforehand. It makes our jobs more efficient and your problems faster solved.

DO allow us to make suggestions for you

Trees, despite how simple they may look, are actually pretty complicated. This is why tree experts like us exist! To avoid the rise of future problems faced by you and your tree, allow us to give you suggestions on how to take care of it properly. Don’t worry, suggestions are free of charge! We love educating people about trees, their importance, and risks if ever something went south. Of course, the final decision is yours to make, but as a tree expert, we can guarantee that everything and anything we teach you will make you a better caretaker for that lovely tree of yours in your backyard.

DON’T attempt to do this by yourself

If any man can solve his tree problems then why do arborists exist? Trees may be beautiful but they can be dangerous if left unchecked. And solving problems on your own can cause serious injury if handled improperly. We’re experts when it comes to the matter. We’ve been solving the tree problems of house owners for many years. We know how to assess the risks, and we know how to work our way around it. So if you’re having any kind of tree problem, let us know and we’ll answer them for you.

DON’T rely on anyone else

When it comes to trees, there are plenty of hidden dangers waiting to be unleashed. All it takes is an amateur stepping on the wrong branch for the whole thing to come falling down. Don’t rely on your uncle, don’t rely on your dad, and don’t rely on that friend who claims to be an expert on the matter. When something goes wrong with your tree, it should immediately be treated as a hazard no matter how small the problem is.

Columbia Tree Company

Once it does, the only ones who should be in close proximity to that tree are us, the tree experts. We don’t want you to get hurt. We’ve told you once and we’ll tell you again: our job is dangerous and so is your tree. And if you want to get rid of those dangers safely, only rely on licensed arborists like us.

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