When to Replace Your Roof: Hot Tips

Roofs receive the brunt of everything. From glaring sunlight, to vicious storms and heavy snow— the roof over our heads endured it all… so we don’t have to. 

Unfortunately, one can only take so much before enough is enough. 

If you’re experiencing these warning signs— I’m afraid to say, your roof is in its last moments. Thank them for their service. They may be replaced, but never forgotten.


Best Wishes (literally) for your Roof’s Silver Jubilee!


And while 25 years is a long time— it’s actually all the time you’ll ever get for your roof. The mode of installation and type of shingles can help provide an insight on how long your roof will last. However, if your roof is already going on 30, my best wishes for you and your family.


Start Inside


Look at the room closest to your roof for any signs of leaking. Streaks in your walls are a telltale, so check it out if you can’t see any obvious signs of water running. Also, watch out for holes in the structure, as it’s an indication of the roof’s state of corrosion.


If the Jurassic Age had Roofs— Yours Would Fit Right In


If your roof is looking like it had seen better days, and it looks like it could slip from your house any day now— it’s probably a wise choice to call the roofing company, stat! They say not to judge a book by its cover, but for this case— what you see is what you get. And trust me, you do not want to experience the functions of a roof that seems like it’s falling apart at the seams. It’s just a headache. Call your roofer in.


Shingle Out the Broken Shingles


Inspect your roof. Are your shingles curving at the edges? Or maybe bent out in the middle? Does it have chinks, cracks, or breaks? Does it look weather beaten? Is it covered in algae and mold? Are you worried that it might affect the structure of your shingles? If your answer is yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and I said yes, help me already; then a roof installation should already be in order. You’re welcome.


Where are My Granules?!


If your shingles are looking a lot more bare than usual, check your drain pipes and spillway. If your shingles’ granules are indeed there, and there are a lot more than you expected— that might be an underlying problem. 


I know, I know— frankly, it’s a nuisance to replace your current roof. You might think it can still hold on, but if this ticked a lot of boxes— it’s time to let go. Roof repair might solve your issues for now, but if you want something that secures you and your loved ones in the long run— from glaring sunlight, to vicious storms and heavy snow, you know what to do. Hit up the roofing company near you. Get that roof installation now!

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